“Everything that is done in the world is done out of hope.”

- Martin Luther



Each contribution is of great importance to our work for the Brazilian community in the USA.

Get in touch to find out how you can make a difference in our food bank.

WHAT ISBrazilian Community Services?

Our mission

Brazilian Community Services acts as a facilitator for the Brazilian immigrant community in the PNW area, promoting integration into American society. Our goal is to be a cultural navigator, advocate, and inspire with love and compassion so that our people can build a better tomorrow.

Our vision

Our vision is to unite and empower the Brazilian community by promoting integration, education, and well-being. We aim to be a beacon of support, where Brazilian culture and values are celebrated, contributing to an inclusive and prosperous American society. Through compassion, education, and civic action, we build a future together where everyone thrives.


Extending a helping hand! Our social project has relied on the tireless dedication of our members and volunteers to assist people in our community.

We are committed to providing financial support and charity services, constantly seeking to inspire and enhance the lives of those in need.

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Charity events
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Lucas & Nayara

We would like to thank you for the help you are giving us with the baskets, really in these difficult times and it is good to know that there are still good-hearted people like you, who look out for people in need, regardless of color or social class. My wife Nayara and I will be eternally grateful and recognize your efforts and work. God bless you!


My family and I can only be grateful for all the help given to us with the food baskets. Now with part of the rent that fell behind due to the pandemic. We went through difficult times but we never stopped believing that better days would come. And now we can go to the Lord's house to thank you for the support we received thanks to the Church. Gratitude, thank you very much to everyone involved, may God continue to bless you greatly.


There is a lot to be said about the extent of the help that was and has been given to me. In this difficult period for everyone and no less for me, I received from this ministry blessed by God the affection, affection and visible love of the Lord Jesus, revealed through the donation of food which has been the essence of maintenance for my survival. I was one of the victims of this Virus, I could and continue to be supplied with these foods that help me stay healthy. Receive my gratitude. Thank you very much.


Food Assistance

Financial Assistance

Jobs/Small Businesses: Finding initial work, professional training, opening and managing small businesses.



Immigration issues, exploitation, domestic abuse, etc.


School Support

Enrollment, translation, cultural transition.

Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Needs For youth, families, parents, couples, singles.


In our mission to strengthen and support the community, we offer essential services.

Our organization is a port of assistance and guidance, divided into two fundamental pillars: the Cultural Navigator and the Family Well-being.



Cultural Navigator

Guiding you through the complexities of cultural integration with resources and advice tailored to the Brazilian community's needs.

Small Business Basics/Startup

Offering the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate the American business landscape, from ideation to operation.

Conversational English

Enhancing communication skills with English language programs designed to boost confidence in everyday and professional environments.

Family & Youth Services

Providing a supportive network for families and youth, including educational programs and community engagement activities.

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